Friedman Kaplan Announces Management Transition

December 21, 2018

Effective December 21, 2018, Friedman Kaplan partners Anne E. Beaumont, Michael A. Gordon, Mala Ahuja Harker, Jason C. Rubinstein, and Jeffrey R. Wang will join the firm’s newly formed Management Committee, taking over responsibility for firm management from longtime Managing Partner and founder Eric Seiler.

“This transition is a logical progression as the next generation of the firm’s leaders have come up through the ranks. I’m delighted that Anne, Michael, Mala, Jason and Jeff have come forward with great enthusiasm to lead the firm. Sharing the load will make it easier to attend to the needs of our clients and do the necessary work of managing the firm. As my own practice has grown, the managerial responsibilities have often taken a back seat, and I am looking forward to focusing exclusively on practicing law once again. We have been working for many months to make the change seamless for our colleagues and clients,” said Seiler.

“Eric has been a wonderful leader and mentor to all five of us, both as lawyers and as aspiring management. It says a lot that it takes a committee of five to continue the work he has been doing largely singlehandedly for so long,” said Beaumont.

“We hope to follow the example Eric has set to develop and grow a prosperous firm while continuing our distinctively collegial culture and exceptional reputation,” said Gordon.