Family Office


Friedman Kaplan’s Family Office practice has grown organically over the years as many of our high-net-worth clients have asked us to provide advice to them concerning their personal interests after having worked with us in their professional capacities.  We represent these individuals and families in connection with a broad range of financial, commercial and personal matters, including in private equity and hedge fund investments, real estate transactions, personal planning matters such as charitable grants and trust and estate matters, personal credit facilities, employment and financial arrangements with family office employees, and other personal and family office matters.  In these representations, we work closely with the clients’ tax and other advisors, and with the clients themselves.

We have found that the insight and customized approach we provide are particularly well-suited to the demands and needs of our high-net-worth clients, and we offer a level of individual commitment and attention that these clients greatly value.  We are proud that clients of this caliber have turned to our firm to support them in addressing matters of such importance to them personally.

Selected Experience

  • We represent a leading hedge fund manager in connection with his personal financial investments, as well as family office matters, including employment arrangements with personnel, and commercial arrangements with third party service providers.  We have also worked closely with his trust and estates, real estate, and other specialized counsel in these matters.
  • We represent a wealthy individual in connection with significant trusts and estates issues, including advice related to serving as a trustee.
  • We represent a wealthy family on an ongoing basis in connection with their investments, business activities and other matters, including with respect to various inter-family arrangements.
  • We represented a wealthy family in connection with matters related to their investments in a number of real estate partnerships.
  • We represented a hedge fund manager in connection with his purchase of a minority interest in a professional sports team.
  • We have represented a wealthy family in connection with the purchase of real estate and the construction of personal residences, in locations in the U.S. and abroad.
  • We have represented a hedge fund manager in connection with charters and purchases of fractional interests in aircraft, as well as aircraft purchases.
  • We represented a financial industry executive in connection with the negotiation of a $25 million personal credit facility.
  • We advised a high-net-worth individual and former managing partner of a major investment management firm in connection with the formation of his family office.  We continue to represent the individual and the office in connection with investments and other commercial matters.
  • We represented a hedge fund manager in connection with a personal investment in a high-profile startup hedge fund.

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