Necessary Precautions for Private Equity Firms When Using Employee Agreements to Protect Confidential Business Information

Anne E. Beaumont and Lance J. Gotko
Private Equity Law Report
July 23, 2019

Private Equity Law Report has published an article by Friedman Kaplan litigation partners Anne Beaumont and Lance Gotko discussing the ways in which agreements and policies used by private equity firms to protect confidential business information can impermissibly inhibit employees’ right to communicate with government agencies, including for the purposes of whistleblowing or filing claims.  Negative consequences of overbroad language may include regulatory sanctions and invalidation of certain agreements.

In their article, Ms. Beaumont and Mr. Gotko provide an overview of the SEC’s whistleblowing rules, summarize key SEC and EEOC enforcement actions over the last several years, and offer practical advice to private equity firms on how to avoid running afoul of the applicable rules.  Please find the full text of the article at the link below.

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