Friedman Kaplan Joins Leadership Council on Legal Diversity

May 3, 2021

Friedman Kaplan is proud to announce that it has joined the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD), an organization of more than 350 corporate chief legal officers and law firm managing partners who are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. LCLD’s programs are designed to attract, inspire, and nurture the talent in society and within member organizations to help a new and more diverse generation of attorneys ascend to positions of leadership. Mala Ahuja Harker will serve as Friedman Kaplan’s Management Committee representative to LCLD.

Priyanka Wityk has been selected to join LCLD’s 2021 class of Fellows. As an LCLD Fellow, Ms. Wityk will participate in a landmark program which identifies, trains, and advances a diverse group of talented mid-career attorneys from member law firms and corporations. According to LCLD President Robert J. Grey, Jr., the LCLD Fellows Program offers participants “a year-long, in-depth program devoted to relationship-building, leadership training, and extensive contact with LCLD’s prestigious members and the best teachers in the business.” The LCLD Fellows Program has trained nearly 2,000 attorneys since 2011.

Anil Vassanji and Danielle Tepper have been selected to join LCLD’s 2021 class of Pathfinders, a program offering participants intensive training, online experiential learning, and opportunities to network with peers as well as LCLD Fellows and members. The LCLD Pathfinder Program has trained more than 900 early-career attorneys since 2015, catering to junior lawyers in law firms and corporate legal departments who have demonstrated potential to become future leaders in the legal profession.

“Friedman Kaplan is honored to join LCLD and participate in its truly innovative and outstanding programs. We congratulate Priyanka, Anil, and Danielle on their respective selections to the Fellow and Pathfinder programs. Each of them has demonstrated a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives as well as leadership potential, and we are thrilled that they will have the opportunity to develop and refine those skills alongside talented attorneys from other member law firms and corporations. I look forward to supporting them individually as well as working with the other law firm leader and general counsel LCLD members who have committed to fostering a more diverse and inclusive legal profession,” said Ms. Harker.

Logo that reads "Leadership Council on Legal Diversity on left side with gray bar that says "Member" on right side. Graphic in middle has three dots and parentheses shaped lines in orange, purple, and green that resembles three people joining arms in a huddle.