Gotko Speaks on Computer Evidence in Trade Secret Cases

January 24, 2012

On January 24, 2012, FKSA partner Lance J. Gotko was one of the speakers at a CLE program titled "Obtaining Computer Evidence in Trade Secret Cases," sponsored by the Intellectual Property Section of the New York State Bar Association ("NYSBA") at the NYSBA's annual meeting. The program explored potential sources of electronic evidence, and investigative tools and techniques to obtain such evidence that may be available to litigators in trade secret cases. Mr. Gotko's presentation focused on sources and kinds of electronic evidence, and strategies relating to such evidence that he has encountered in several cases he has handled involving allegations of theft of computer source code. Joining Mr. Gotko on the panel were Bryan Rose, a Managing Director of electronic forensics firm Stroz Friedberg LLC and Andrea Sharrin, Deputy Chief, Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section, United States Department of Justice.