Anne Beaumont Publishes Article on NY Court of Appeals Decision Expanding Employer Liability for Negligent Supervision

Anne E. Beaumont
Hedge Fund Law Report
September 26, 2023

Hedge Fund Law Report has published an article by litigation partner Anne E. Beaumont on the recent New York Court of Appeals decision in Moore Charitable Foundation v. PJT Partners, Inc. and how the decision may affect New York employers’ liability for economic harm to third parties resulting from alleged negligent supervision of employees. The article provides an overview of negligent supervision claims under New York law, summarizes the fraud that led to the litigation in question, and reviews the history of the Moore case. While the case has yet to be fully resolved, Anne assesses the significance of the Court’s opinion and flags practical considerations for employers in light of the Court’s decision, particularly for hedge funds, financial institutions, law firms, and other businesses which regularly participate in high value transactions.

The full text of the article can be accessed below.

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