Friedman Kaplan Attorneys Author Appendix to New Edition of Hedge-Fund Management Text

July 2012

Friedman Kaplan partner Scott M. Berman and associate Robert S. Landy have authored an appendix to Daniel A. Strachman's recently published second edition of The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2012). Fundamentals is a guide for investment professionals detailing how to efficiently and successfully launch and operate a hedge fund. In an appendix titled "Hedge Fund Litigation," Mr. Berman and Mr. Landy provide an overview of some of the most serious and infamous hedge fund blow-ups in history, and trace the themes that arise in the litigation that has followed them. They also discuss various aspects of hedge-fund litigation, including common types of investor claims, obstacles investors face in bringing and collecting on those claims, how hedge-fund investors can avoid becoming victims of fraud, and what hedge-fund managers and others can do to avoid becoming defendants in fraud cases.