Governor Cuomo Appoints Corngold as Chair of Judicial Screening Committee

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has appointed FKSA partner Eric Corngold as chair of the New York State Judicial Screening Committee. The State Judicial Screening Committee has jurisdiction to consider the qualifications of candidates for appointment to the offices of Judge and Presiding Judge of the New York Court of Claims, and promulgates rules and regulations to govern its proceedings and those of the Departmental and County Judicial Screening Committees. The Governor has committed by Executive Order to appoint or designate only persons who have been recommended by the appropriate Judicial Screening Committee as highly qualified for the judicial office to which the appointment or designation is to be made. The State Judicial Screening Committee has thirteen members, ten of whom are selected by the Governor. Of the remaining three members, two are selected by the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, and one by the Attorney General.