Scott Berman to Speak at Asset Recovery International’s 2024 Conference

Scott Berman
February 29, 2024
11:10 AM - 11:50 AM UTC

Scott Berman will speak on a panel at Asset Recovery International’s 2024 conference in Dublin, Ireland on February 29. The panel titled “The long arm of (North and South) American justice? Jurisdiction in civil and criminal proceedings” will discuss jurisdictional rules in the context of asset recovery actions in the United States and Latin America.  In addition to Scott, the other panelists are Solymar Castillo-Morales, a partner at Goldman Antonetti & Cordova, Eliad Shapiro, a partner at Moses Singer, Neal Levin, a partner at Rimon Law, and Luis Parron, a partner at Duarte Forssell Advogados.

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